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We are the unofficial Dartmoor National Park website that looks at the history and uses of the park. With both Army training and ramblers enjoying the park it is a wild unspoilt part of Devon that has long been a national treause. ------------------

Public Access Overview

The Ministry of Defence has a presumption in favour of public access wherever this is compatible with operational and military training use, public safety, security, conservation and the interests of tenants.

Range Danger Areas are only closed for live firing. At all other times, the military share Dartmoor with other users. To increase certainty of access, Guaranteed Public Access Periods have been agreed with the Dartmoor Steering Group and six weeks notice is now given of the live firing programmes; any cancellations are announced promptly.

For your own safety please observe the safety information.

The right for the public to access Dartmoor on foot or on horseback was recognised by the Dartmoor Commons Act 1985. This access is only restricted, for the public’s safety when live firing is programmed and notified.

More recently the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 has given the public the right of access for recreational purposes over designated areas. However, land over which Ministry of Defence byelaws apply is excluded. Consequently the Range Danger Areas are not depicted as public access land on Ordnance Survey maps. However, the Ministry of Defence ensures that access is maximised by declaring six weeks notice of firing, and by informing the public quickly of any additional access opportunities caused by late cancellations.

Public access has been examined. The report on the South West is available here, and the overall DTE Report may be accessed here.

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